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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Samsung Air?

Samsung Air is the biggest distributor of Samsung airconditioning and water heating products and have been in business for over a decade.

How do I determine the size of aircon required for my application?
What is included in the installation fee?
How does delivery work?
What are your warranty terms?
What payment options are available?
How will I be invoiced?
What are your hours of operation?
Where is my order? How can I track the status of my order?
Can I change or edit my order?
Can I cancel my order?
Can I order by phone?
Is Samsung Air secure?
When does Samsung Air charge my credit card?
How do I change my credit card details?
Why is my credit card payment not going through?
Can I return any item?
How do I return (refund/exchange) an item?
What if I ordered the wrong size unit?