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How it works

  1. First decide on where you need an aircon for, E.g. your home, your office or your retail space etc.

  2. Once you’ve decided on where you’d like the aircon to be installed, choose the size of the room you would need the aircon installed in.

  3. Next, tell us the area where you would need the aircon unit delivered and/or installed

  4. Choose the model of aircon you wish to purchase

  5. Add the unit only or the unit and installation to your basket

  6. If you wish to have the unit installed choose the desired installer you wish to use to complete the installation as well as the date you would like to have the installation done. (If you do not wish to purchase the installation go to checkout and add all your billing details)

  7. Go to checkout and add all your billing details and complete your purchase by making payment

  8. You will get a confirmation email with the details of your order and your unit and/or installation will be scheduled according to your preferred chosen date

  9. The installer you have chosen to do installation will deliver and install your unit, if you have not chosen a preferred installer one will be assigned according to your location and the closest available installer will deliver your order to you.