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NEW Samsung AR9500T Premium Windfree Inverter Air conditioner with Wi-Fi, 12000BTU/H

Product Price
R15 399
Installation Fee
R2 300
  • Fast Cooling mode first cools an entire room 43% faster than a conventional air conditioner, then switches automatically to Wind-Free mode.
  • Samsung’s unique Wind-Free design disperses air through 23 000 tiny micro-holes, eliminating unpleasant draughts and ensuring your total comfort.
  • Wi-Fi enabled with the Samsung Smart Home App.
  • AI Auto Cooling automatically analyses your usage patterns and switches to the most appropriate mode.
  • Keep your air hygienic with a Tri-care filter which is coated with a Zeolite provides anti-virus, anti-bacteria and anti-allergen. 
  • Energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost technology saves you up to 73% on electricity*.
  • Triple Protector Plus - Delivers a long-lasting performance with  advanced durability and protection from power surges, without a voltage stabilizer.
  • DuraFin™- Maintains the performance and efficiency of the heat exchanger without becoming corroded.
  • Display energy consumption 0.1 ~ 99kWh. Energy consumption(used time) is calculated from the moment turning on.
  • Auto clean Mode - keeps the inside of the air conditioner clean and hygienic.
  • Quite operation - Samsung air conditioner work much more smoothly and quietly its stable operation produces less vibration and noise.
  • Wind-FreeTM Dry Mode - When the humidity is high, keep the air in the room comfortable with Wind-Free™ Dry mode.
21 to 25 m2
Recommended Room Size
Capacity (Cooling, BTU/h)
Capacity (Cooling, kW)
EER (Cooling, W/W)
820 x 299 x 215
Net Dimensions

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